Our Mission

Stone Mountain Media exists to produce content
that celebrates the victorious rule of Christ over all things.


Join Dave and Suga Sean as they jovially discuss how theology applies to the topics of every day life. Search for "Stone Mountain Media" on your favorite podcast catcher or press the button below.


Whether getting screamed at by feminists, or repeatedly smacked in the face by a homosexual, you can count on our crew to press on with preaching and evangelizing to regular sinners in need of Christ's redeeming grace


Follow along as Sean and David break down topics or books of the bible one chunk at a time with an application twist leaving you convicted and encouraged.

  • Pleasure to spend time at the shop with @gypsyedc today. Knives and hawks, top level. Check out the interview on Spotify, Apple podcasts, etc.
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  • Yaaas, slay, queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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